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Document generation software, part III: how to impress your boss quickly and easily

Monday. Another rainy day at the office. As your boss arrives – grumpier than his usual self – he says: 

"Joe, I need you here. Now."

Your heart pounds. Sure, your boss is a person with lots of responsibilities – but something looks definitely wrong. What could it be? Did you miss something important? Does he think you're killing off time during your work hours? Did he find someone else to replace you? – No, that can't be. You have always been a dedicated employee. Maybe not perfect, but you've always been there. 

But then, what could he possibly want?
Your heart pounds. And then, it races. But you need to go to his room and face what he wants. And, trying to be as calm as you can possibly be – at least on the inside, you walk into your boss' room, expecting the worst. 

"Joe," – he starts talking again, showing now nervous and anxious he is – "we have a reunion with one of our most important clients today, and that company said that they need to see a report showing how concrete their return of investment has been 6 months ago and wants to see how estimates 6 months from now. We only have one hour to get this data and to create a presentation that will impress them, so hurry."

Your heart pounds. How come you have been told just now of something so important?! How can you do that in one your with the complicated reporting tools you have at your disposal? And – most importantly – how can you do that in one hour? You need to use all that complicated software again and do the job thee times: once to get the data, another to get it imported into the file format you want, and, finally to tweak your presentation – because, more often than not, your presentation will be broken "out of the box", and you need to tweak it!

Knowing how much is at stake, you tell yourself, "I'm so fired. I can't do this in one hour."

Stop right there. Who told you that you can't do this? You can! But we have bad news and great news: the bad news is that there's no software that can do that in an hour. The good news, however, is that there's something out there that can do it in less than five minutes. 

The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Meet Windward Reports. Windward Reports, this is Joe User. Joe User, this is Windward Reports – wait, what am I saying?

Believe it or not, Windward Reports  knows you already. Although you probably don't know much about it, this software knows what type of user you are, what you want, and what you need to get your job done as painlessly as possible. But how come, after all, that Windward Reports knows about what you need?

The reason Windward Reports knows and understands you is because they have been spending years researching what you really need and want. After experiencing it, retrieving information from a database with a program and then using another program retrieving information from a database and then using another to get your presentation formatted into a certain file (DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, et cetera) will be a thing of the past. And why is that?

You see, Windward Reports is something different from the competition: after it gets installed, all you need is to use Microsoft Office to get your job done – and you'll need to do it only in a single step, which will take not an hour, but five minutes. You can get as innovative and flashy as you want, or just as austere and minimalistic – you see, Windward Reports is versatile, and can impress you with many different template styles – or you can easily create your own in Word, just as you are always used to do. No longer you'll need to read lengthy instructions about how to get started: now, it is you that are in control – not your software.

Wait – what are you still waiting for? Hurry! Convince your boss to purchase Windward Reports right now: buying it takes less than one or two minutes, as it is available digitally. Also, integrating it into your workflow will take virtually no time. After your purchase, watch as your wonderful presentation gets generated instantly – getting your boss out of his grumpy mood and getting you some time to relax. In fact, your buss might be so happy about that deal with his big client he might give you a big promotion.

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