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Travel All Over the World for Just a Few Cents (Client: Park Plaza Hotels)

This article was originally written for Park Plaza, a big chain of 40 hotels spread in 15 different countries. It was rated "5-star" by my client.

Westminster Hotel, London

Does a romantic trip all over the world sound like a fantasy to you? Well,  Park Plaza deals are here to prove you otherwise. You see, Park Plaza is present in 15 countries worldwide, with a pleasant choice of 40 hotels to choose from. With them, you can taste London's finest breakfast, enjoy the lovely scenario of Amsterdam with your loved one riding a bike, or witness the beautiful scenario of Bangkok. A trip like this need not be expensive, but you can still have the luxury that you deserve. 

Sukhumvit Hotel (Lobby)

Let's explain how Park Plaza makes your trip all over the world cost less than half a penny: first, you pack your luggage and fly through one of their airline partners to London, earning gold points. Then, you spend a night into Westminister Bridge London, one of their most Luxurious hotels, opposing Big Ben. After that, when you decide to travel to Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam to enjoy a typical Amsterdam bike walking, you can use those gold points to get a great discount – while still earning more free points. Then, you go to their Sukhumvit Bangkok hotel, which offers stylish facilities, and from there you rent a car from one of their partners, visiting central Bangkok to eat exotic thai food. In the end of your journey, you might have so many points you might earn a free flight and stay into Liau Hotels in Brazil, Sao Paulo, so you can enjoy the typical warmth of Brazilian people, witnessing a tropical paradise and their wonderful hospitality.

If you visit Victoria Amsterdam Hotel,
you'll have the opportunity to visit
this city's famous canals.

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